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Flo Headline

Typeface creation that began life as a few letters for a Mexican Hotel logotype. The initial reference was Mayan symbology, however was unused for its initial intention. The project became more personal as it developed and various incarnations of the typeface ensued.

3 cuts are finalised and will be available to download shortly. These are:
— Flo 34/18
— Flo 28 square
— Flo 28 square serif

Variants are continuing to emerge — some more successful than others. These include:
— Flo 6
— Flo 6 fill
— Flo 18/17 outline
— Flo 28
— Flo 34/2
— Flo 34/18/3
— Flo 34/18/3 fill
— Flo 51

Naming system is initial stroke weight / secondary stroke weight / tertiary stroke weight (if applicable) and variant (outline/fill/square/serif).